About Us

The Department of Translation and Interpretation aims to raise prospective translators and young academics who are informed about the approaches and theories related to the development of translation studies as a young field, who have extensive general cultural knowledge and who are proficient in specific concepts of the field.  

The curriculum of The Department of Translation and Interpretation are prepared in a way to gain background information and equipment that prospective translators and academics need during translation or interpretation. In addition to theoretical education, our department provides education on literary theory, literary translation, translation of texts on special fields, press and diplomacy language, law and terminology of medical texts and their translations, types and practices of written translation. In addition, the education on interpreting types and practices are also provided by the courses as conference interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, sight translation and precis translation. In this context, our department provides its students a suitable program for the requirements of contemporary translation education and enables them to gain sufficient experience and equipment. The period of the study at the department is five years including the compulsory English preparatory class. The teaching languages of the department are Turkish, German, Bulgarian and English. Post-graduate education program is in foundation process.

Graduates of the Department of Translation and Interpretation can work in various fields such as translation agencies, engineering and architecture firms, foreign trade companies, private institutions and organizations, tourism agencies and other businesses operating in the field of tourism, TRT, various Undersecretaries and Ministries, Turkish Armed Forces, embassies and foreign representations. In addition, they can also carry out tasks such as language assistant within the scope of European Union projects requiring improved foreign language skills and they can have faculty position in universities.

Also, in order to improve their foreign language skills, our students are canalized to various language schools, summer camps and short-term workplaces in the United States and Germany through our department.

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